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We’re building a non-invasive apiary management product and platform.

Reducing Overwintering Losses in Beehives

We aim to perform daily observation and maintenance of hive activities during the winter, to reduce colony losses.

We want to develop a sensor-enabled beehive capability for commercial beekeepers that aims to reduce colony losses over the winter season, which can be as high as 32% of the colony’s inhabitants. Overwintering losses have increased in recent years due to widespread colony collapse disorder (CCD), which is caused by various stressors to the bees’ microenvironment within the hive. Our device will operate much like a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) having multi-faceted approaches to monitoring the bees’ and queen's behavior, monitoring physical hive conditions and automating treatment against the common Varroa destructor mite.

Bioengineering design

Driving apiary quality management


We’ve been building a unique tool to facilitate beehive management.


Our research has highlighted many facets to the issue of overwintering losses.

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